The Upper Half

A pax of 17 posted this perfect am to recover from Valentine’s festivities. No FNGs, but do want to welcome back Barely Legal, who, I think is a John Cusack doppleganger and perfect timing to celebrate the introduction of Lt. Dan Cusacks. No welcome, no Valentine’s love – we just got started.


  • SSH 20x 4CIC
  • 3 Burpees OYO to welcome FlankSteak
  • Sun Gods 10x 4CIC, reverso
  • Misc. arm stretches

The Thang

We split into two groups and headed to the park equipment and set up at both sets of swings. Group 1 did Kiddie Pullups (one hand each side of bar, pull up with head to side) x10 while others planked. Group 2 did Swirkins (feet in the swing seat, down for a Merkin, up and pull legs to chest; count =1) x20 while others planked. Groups swapped locations and cycled again.

Moseyed by my truck to pick up a coupon (half cinder clock weighing 22-24 lbs – not sure) and lined up longitudinally, laterally or however you may describe it along the line where the camp light was set up. We continued with:

  • Block & Bears – block at feet, extend out, reach back, pull block up to hands or slightly ahead, bear crawl ahead until block is between feet, repeat block movement. Go 25 yards to the ShovelFlag, catch breath, turn and repeato.
  • Lt. Dan Cusacks – that’s right, Lt. Dans with coupon held high like John Cusack did with his boombox in the movie Say Anything. Turn at ShovelFlag, catch breath, turn and repeato.
  • Blocktanamo – hold coupon in front at chest level, first person sets down coupon and runs circle pushing down coupons for resistance and lifting workout. Next person starts as soon as person beside them passes by. Lots of movement. Lots of grumbling. Repeato.

Moseyed to Gazebo for:

  • American Hammers w/coupon 20x 4CIC
  • Overhead Arm Presses w/coupon, AMRAP for 60 sec.
  • Curls w/coupon, AMRAP for 60 sec.
  • WWI Block Movers (coupons go with each rep or rest on your legs every other rep) 20x OMU
  • Blerkins 20x OMD
  • Oblique Crunches 25x, flapjack, repeato
  • Hanging Leg Raises 15x OMU
  • Overhead Arm Presses w/coupon, AMRAP for 45 sec.
  • Curls w/coupon, AMRAP for 45 sec.
  • American Hammers w/coupon 15x 4CIC

Moseyed back to camp light and lined up again to repeat same sequence, but half the amount. Returned coupons to truck, then moseyed to gazebo. Had time left over, which I am not accustomed to, so I made stuff up. Not sure if this is all of it.


  • American Hammers 20x 4CIC
  • Hanging Leg Raises w/a tempo release (except my tempo was really fast) 10x OMU
  • Box Cutters lead by the illustrious FlankSteak 25x 4CIC
  • Various stretches to finish 3 min early

Prayers for all of our friends, family, pastors and community who are fighting health battles and otherwise. Funeral for Alex Burnette is Saturday at 2 pm at Centenary United Methodist. YHC closed in prayer.

Aye! My arms hurt!



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