12 Days of Christmas

It was a strong showing by eight men posting on a rainy Sat morning. If there ever was a day to FS, it was today but the weather didn’t stop this group. Not surprisingly no FNGs today, so off we went.


  • SSH IC x 40
  • Flying Sun gods IC x 15 each leg
  • Michael Phelps IC x 20
  • Abe Vigodas IC x 20
  • Dowward dog/upward dog OYO
  • Mosey to track

THE THANG – 12 days of Christmas.  Stacked exercises (following the song 12 Days of Christmas). Exercises followed by run on track to opposite end zone for next days exercises

-1st day of Christmas: Pull-ups  x 2

-2nd day:   Burpies x 4

-3rd day: Monkey Humpers x 6

-4th day: Squats x 8

-5th day: Merkins x 10

-6th day: Oblique crunches x 6 each side

-7th day: Lunges x 7 each leg

-8th day: Travoltas x  8 each side

-9th day: Imperial walkers x 18

-10th day: Plank jacks x 20

-11th day: American Hammer x 22

-12th day: Air presses in squat x 24

Mosey back to parking lot – 8am came quickly. No time for MARY.


  • II Fingers on for Fartlek on Mon, 12/17
  • Thanks for coats donations from Wed night.

Always a pleasure to lead.  Merry Christmas!


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