Ruck It – 4 Wet Corners

As promised, Christmas packages were delivered to the 4 durable pax that chose the cold, wet gloom over their warm, cozy beds. Each was provided with a discount brand of kettlebell in weights of 14kg (30lbs), 10kg (22lbs), and 2 x 6kg (14lbs). As Bitcoin noted in the Preblast Comments, Union Point Park was indeed closed to flooding, so gathering occurred in the Convention Center overflow lot.

The mall walking commenced with a quick stop for some calf and quad stretches along the East Front brick wall. From there, and each Pax with their ruck and kettlebell, we went to the corner of East Front and Broad. Stop there for Goblet Squats x 10 and Merkins x10. Rotate Kettlebells.

Next stop was corner of Broad and Middle for Goblet Squats x10 SC and Diamond Merkins x10 SC. Rotate Kettlebells.
Moved on to Middle and South Front for Goblet Squats x10 SC and Merkins x10 SC. Rotate Kettlebells.
Fourth corner back at the Convention Center overflow lot for Goblet Squats x10 SC and Diamond Merkins x10 SC. Rotate Kettlebells so that each Pax had their original weight back.

Rinse and repeat. Except this time we rotated Merkins and Incline Merkins and traded Goblet Squats for Side Lunges x5 SC each leg with our first corner being 10x Poop in the Woods which was fun, but only for one round, hence the side lunges the rest of the way.

Once the fourth corner exercises were completed, kettlebells down for a lungewalk to Bitcoin’s truck.

Ruck down for Mary: LBCs x20 IC

YHC led us out with gratitude for what and who we have in our lives.

ども ありがと
Mr. Roboto

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