Where’s Q?

8 guys gathered this morning in hopes of doing some of Cuddy’s favorite things.  7:00 was upon us and we wondered if he was at the track setting up, so we decided to circle up ourselves.  420 led the Warmerama

  • Side Straddle Hops x25 (It was at this exact point that we got word that Cuddy’s back was out and wasn’t going to make it)  We rolled on …
  • Cotton pickers x15
  • Windmills x15

Winthorpe took over for the first part of the Thang

We moseyed to the covered area for stations

Station 1 – Dips, 2 Merkins, 3 Box Jumps, 4 Dirkins, 5 Knee Ups, 6 BTTW, 7 Box Squats, 8 Irkin

45 seconds at each station with a 15 second recovery to get to the next station.

Then Deuce took over for a mosey to the parking lot.

backwards run on the ends of the parking lot and forward run on the long sides.  13 of a called out exercise at each corner.  13 was the number in honor of Cornfed who was running a 1/2 marathon today.

1st corner – Burbees, 2nd Corner – Squat Jumps, 3rd Corner – Freddy Mercurys, 4th corner – Merkins, 5th corner – Merkins, 6th corner – merkins, 7th corner – merkins, 8th corner – Burpees.

We then moseyed onto the football bleachers for stadiums.  We went down the home side and then moseyed to the visitors side and did those.  We did the same thing on the way back for a repeat.

We then moseyed back to the covered area for a rinse and repeat of the station work.  This time we did the exercises for 1 minute and took a 30 second rest in between.

We moseyed back to the parking lot where Roll Tide took us through Mary.

  • Dying Cockroaches x10 IC
  • 007’s
  • LBC’s x30

We finished with COT / BOM

  • Check your emails for Roll Tide’s message about sign ups to help a family this Christmas.
  • F3 party this Wednesday at Ratty’s at 5:30.  Let morning know if your coming.

Ended with prayer by Winthorpe.  We hope that Cuddy’s back heals up so he can show us what his favorite things are.  Consensus of the pax today was that what we did was probably not your favorite things.

Thanks to the 8 men for all stepping up and helping come up with a great workout.


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