Battle of Jericho

17 men gathered this morning, eager for the upcoming battle.  There was a little nip in the air but it was quickly doused with some movements …

Warm A Rama

10 Burbees right off the bat.  OYO

Cotton pickers x7 IC very slow count

Sun Gods x7 IC slow count forward then backward

Downward Dog and Upward Dog OYO

Slow mosey to the back of the convention center. (Known this day as Jericho)

The Thang

The Israelite’s were led by Joshua to Jericho after Moses told them to go and take over the city.  Upon their arrival, they circled the outside of the walls of the city for 6 days and on the 7th day, they marched around the building 7 times and then took the city.  Crumbling the walls of Jericho.  QIC didn’t realize how large Jericho was, and so we completed 4 trips around while doing various exercises.

Day 1

Pull ups x21 IC, Squats x21 IC, LBC’s x21 IC mosey to the front for Australian Jacks x21 IC.  (Little know fact about the battle of Jericho is the Australian contingent that spoke funny and talked about shrimp on the barbie)

Day 3

Reverse Pull Ups x14 IC, Lunges x14 IC, Freddy Mercury’s x14 mosey to the front for Australian Mountain Climbers x14 IC.  (Another seldom remembered fact is that the Australians left the Isrealite’s to head to Austria to become mountain climbers)

Day 5

Pull Up Hold for 14 count, Iron Mike’s x14 IC, Dying Cockroach x14 IC mosey to the front for Australian shoulder taps x14 IC.

Day 7

Reverse Pull Up Hold for 14 count, mosey so the ramp for railing crawls with a run through the man tunnel once you got to the end of the railing.  Mosey to the side of Jericho for Winthorps plank to wall Ups x14 IC.  Mosey to front for Australian Squats x7 IC.

Indian Run around the point circle once with a jail brake from the last corner to the gazebo for


Dying cockroach hold with legs straight up and arms straight up lift and hold.

Chilcut hold lift right leg and then left leg hold.

Freddy Mercury’s with a twist.  On you 6 with hands together over your head and move them both to one side then back and then to the other side. x10 IC.


Totally Gassed!


Please see the email that Roll Tide sent yesterday about the family we are sponsoring this Christmas.  Plenty of opportunity for everyone to contribute to that worthy cause.

F3 Social next Wednesday 12/12 – Captain Ratty’s at 5:30.  After party at some bar that will let us in.

Closed in prayer.  Nice work today fella’s.  The Isrealite’s would be proud of you.  And in the immortal words of Joshua as the walls of Jericho were crumbling … “let’s go eat at Pete and Nikki’s!”

Winthorpe Out!


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