Ruck It BackBlast – My Gift

A Pax of 5 posted this morning in the fog and humidity for YHCs birthday Q.  As you know, the aforementioned Q has reached a milestone of sorts, with his 2.0s calling their father “Version 5.0” from this point forward.  Even received a thermal cup from my M with my F3 name etched on it to commemorate said milestone.  We welcomed back Acolyte, and re-welcomed Cantore for his inaugural Ruck It.

Theme for the morning, of course, was 50.  My Gift to the Pax was a ruck weighing 50 lbs that was to be rotated among the Pax while traversing our route.  With the well-known leadership mantra  “If you can’t do it, you can’t Q it” in mind,  YHC took the lead and bore the weight for the first period of time.  Once the initial time period expired, the Pax halted and performed 10 Squats and 10 Merkins.  Merkins were certainly more difficult with the 50 lb ruck pushing against you.  After recovering, the Gift Exchange was made, with one of the other Pax taking his time with the 50 lb ruck, plus Squats and Merkins.  After the third rotation, Pax was having too much fun with the Squats, so they were modified to be Tempo Squats – basically a slow count down for a three count cadence with the return to the upright position being the repetition.

Each Pax had a turn with the Gift and completed a total of 50 each of Squats and Merkins – 40 with his own ruck, and 10 with the 50 pounder.  Cantore did an excellent impersonation of a turtle turned over on its back at the end of his time with the Gift.  Distance covered was approximately 2 miles.  Less distance covered than with previous Ruck Its.  However, the stops for Ruckercise and Gift Exchange took a few minutes apiece.  Once in stride, pace was actually fairly brisk.  Stimulating conversation among the Pax was also part of the experience.

Pax circled up and YHC prayed us out.  It was a pleasure to lead this morning.

Lil Wayne will be Qing up Bushwood.  See you there.


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