We Ruck BackBlast

A Pax of 5 rough and ready ruckers posted this morning, on what amounted to a fairly nice weather day.  No rain and nice temps.  All Pax were invited to have a minimum of 30 lbs ruck weight, an increase from the previous level of 20 lbs.  YHC believes most Pax were already rucking at the higher level.  No FNGs and no first-time ruckers, so at the appointed time, the Pax took off with a mean, mean stride.  Mr. Roboto was running a tad late, but was able to catch the Pax with a stellar effort out of the gate.

Route taken covered 3.15 miles in our allotted time.  Pace was slightly better than 15 minutes per mile — something like 14:20 per mile.  Works out to a little faster than 4 mph, which is a great ruck pace.  New land speed record for Ruck It.  Ruck It Pax showing improvement in all phases as we continue to strive to get better.  As a bonus, there was a good amount of conversation among the Pax, even as we were striding out at our pace.  Excellent work!

See you at Bushwood.

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