Table Muscles

A pax of 10 posted this am for a reboot against table muscle growth. As I had overslept by not turning on my alarm, my heart rate was already up & ready to get started. Not looking forward to getting wet and with no FNGs present, we started with…


  • SSH 10x 4CIC
  • Sun Gods 10x 4CIC, reverse repeato
  • Lunge Side Stretches
  • Downward Dog/Upward Dog


Moseyed to a locked gate at the track, so we kept going to the stadium parking lot for a circuit around the lot.

  • First corner: Guantanamo; mosey length of lot to next corner.
  • Second corner: American hammers 20x 4CIC; mosey 1/2 width of lot to next corner.
  • Third corner: Plank Jack’s 25x 4CIC; mosey length of lot to next corner.
  • Fourth corner: Crowd Pleasers 1:1 to 5:5; mosey back to starting corner.
  • Fifth corner: Low Slow Flutter 25x 4CIC; mosey to next corner.
  • Not being at the track to utilize the goal posts for Hanging Knee Lifts, RINSE & REPEAT entire circuit.
  • Final mosey with a full lap around the lot to end at the covered patio.

Everyone claimed a box and waited for me to catch my breath.

  • Box Jumps 25x OMU
  • Irkins 10x OMD
  • Over & Back Burpees 5x OYO
  • Hinge Box Squats 25x OMD
  • Dirkins 10x OMD
  • Curtsey Lunges 20x OYO
  • Irkins 10x OMD
  • Pickle Pointers 50x OMD
  • Dirkins 10x OMD
  • Tarheel Debutantes 15x each leg OMD

Mosey to gym/cafeteria entrance to line up at the wall for Thanksgiving Table Push-aways 50x OYO.

Return to starting point for…


  • LBCs 25x OMU
  • Box Cutters 25x 4CIC
  • Stretched for a few to loosen up pickle pointer & debutante muscles


Ended a few minutes early. No announcements. YHC closed in prayer.

Thank you for allowing me to Q!



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