Ruck It BackBlast – Holiday Travels

A Pax of 6 claimed victory over the fartsack this morning and posted at the Union Point Park Gazebo for the latest adventure in rucking.  YHC awoke at 3:30am, found it raining, and was almost too excited to go back to sleep.  Alas, it did not rain on our little parade this morning.  Nonetheless, our group of hearty men was ready to go.  With no fanfare, we started with:

  • Pullups 10x OYO
  • Zercher Squats 20x OMD
  • Ruck Press 20x OMU
  • Upright Ruck Rows 20x OMU
  • Ruck Curls 20x OMU

The Thang

  • Suitcase Carry Right Side from Gazebo to Convention Center
  • Suitcase Carry Left Side from Convention Center to Craven Street
  • Irkins 20x OMD
  • Ruck Carry on Front to Hancock
  • Overhead Ruck Carry to Metcalf
  • Suitcase Carry Right Side around back of Tryon Palace
  • Ruck Up (standard carry) for 40 yard Caterpillar – From standing position, bend at waist and touch road with hands, walk hands out to up plank position, perform 2 Merkins, walk feet to hands, stand up, repeat until entire 40 yards has been covered.  Approximately 240 Merkins performed here, or at least that’s what it felt like.  YHC lost count.  Purdy Mouth did less than McRib, however, as his Caterpillar covered quite a distance in comparison.
  • Suitcase Carry Left Side to Pollock Street
  • Lunge Walk with ruck cradled in arms to George Street
  • Ruck Up (standard carry) for remainder of our time.  Ruck pace for remaining course – George, across Broad, Right on New, Right on Middle, Left on S. Front and back to Gazebo


  • Pullups 10x OYO
  • Circle up for Name-O-Rama, No Announcements, Close in Prayer

Total distance covered – approximately 2.25 miles.  Last mile covered in 15 minutes for a very satisfying ruck pace.

Thanks for posting this morning.  Honored to lead.  Enjoyed it greatly.

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