Ronnie Coleman’s Back

15 men blew out their lats at The Point today.  We warmed up with a raccoon crawl in front of the convention center and a jog to the gazebo where we partnered up for Reverse Grip Pullups one shy of failure while partner completed monkey humpers.  Switch x 3, then 2 sets of Negatives.

Jog to the railing on the Neuse near the traffic circle and with the same partner:

  • Tempo Inverted Rows/Tempo Merkins x 20, x 15, x 10
  • Partner Lower Back Extension x 20
  • Pole Dancing x 20, x 15, x 10/Toe Touches
  • Partner Lower Back Extension x 20
  • Face Pulls x 20, x 15, x 10/Box Squats
  • Partner Lower Back Extension x 20

Jog to the intersection of Craven and Pollock and while one person jogged to South Front Street and back the other performed Side Plank Oblique Crunches, WWIs, American Hammers.  Solid work today!

Morning on The Bear tomorrow


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