Death Wish Part I

A pax of 13 showed up on a gusty and cool morning to get better.  Thankfully the rain had moved out and we stayed dryer than YHC had envisioned.  There we no FNG’s so we jumped into Warm-O-Rama:  Cottons Pickers IC x10, Bat Wings (20 Forward Sun Gods IC, 20 Backward Sun Gods IC, 20 Seal Claps IC and 20 Overhead Claps IC), SSH’s IC x 20 and Winthorpe Stretches.

When then Moseyed the long way around to the practice field for The Thang:

Charles Bronson:  There were three tenis balls on the field.  One where the Pax gathered, another 100 yards down the field and the final one 10 yards further.  Each member of the Pax had to perform on their own the following:  50 Merkins, 50 Burpees, 50 LBC’s, and Jump Squats.  In between each set they had to sprint to the tennis ball 100 yards away, army crawl the next 10 yards and then mosey back.  In addition if any set was broken up (for example a Pax member decided to do 20 Burpees and take a break) then the Pax member had to do the 100 yard sprint and crawl.  This took a little time and finishing times were staggered-however the whole Pax finished quicker than YHC had imagined.

Next to the Wall for Ascending Testicles:  The Pax held BTTW at a 15 degree angle and did 10 Derkins IC then immediately went up to 45 degrees and did 10 more IC.  Finally the Pax went full BTTW and held it for a 30 count.  We then moseyed to the covered area for:

Aiken Legs:  20 Squats, 20 Box Jumps, 20 Lunges, and 20 Split Jacks without any breaks.  We had a 20 count and then Rinse and Repeat.  We then moseyed back to the practice field for:

4×4 Relays:  We partnered up.  Pax A sprinted 100 yards and then packpeddled back while Pax B did 4×4 Burpees (4 Merkins and 4 Mt Climbers incorporated into each Burpee).  We then switched and repeated until each Pax had two turns of each.  Then back to the Wall for:

Alternating Shoulder Taps from BTTW position x20.  We were done.

Mary:  Captain Thors’s IC x 10, Dolly’s IC x 20, E2K’s IC x 20 each side, and 100’s IC

Party tonight at Gander’s for his 50th.  YHC closed in prayer.

Nice work gentlemen!  We got the entire workout in with some time to spare which is impressive.  Always a pleasure to lead.


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