Bucket Ruck It Backblast

A Pax of 6 posted at the Union Point Park Gazebo for Ruck It this morning.  With all Pax rucked up, the Mission Statement was given then a quick start with:

  • 5 Pullups OYO
  • A quick jaunt to YHC’s pickup truck for some additional weight — 5 gallon bucket-o-rocks suspended under a 7 ft. section of 4×4, plus 2 round brick pavers of approx. 10 lbs. each.  Pair up.  Pair 1 would carry the bucket with the 4×4 on the shoulder.  Pair 2 had one partner carrying the 2 pavers and switch as necessary.  Pair 3 would simply ruck alongside and keep the mumble chatter going.  After 10 minutes, the pairs would rotate.  After 3 rotations of roughly 10 mins each, 3 more rotations of 4 mins each completed the cycle.  McRib noted that the core was getting an unexpected, but much appreciated, bit of work.  A couple of opportunities to wait for the “Pair O’Six” presented themselves and were filled with planks, Al Gores, and a Hot Potato Al Gore where the 2 pavers were passed around to the 4 non-bucket Pax in circle formation.
  • Route taken: Gazebo to boat ramp and out to E. Front.  Right on E. Front to Queen.  Left on Queen to George.  Left on George and across Broad to front of Tryon Palace entrance.  Right on Pollock then left on Eden and around back side of Palace to S. Front.  Right on S. Front and back to Gazebo.  Total distance of approx. 2.3 miles.
  • Finished with 5 Pullups OYO
  • Hard Stop @ 0615
  • No announcements
  • YHC closed in prayer

Is it me, or is rucking getting easier?  May be time to push the pace, increase duration to 1 hour and/or increase the Ruckercise activities.  Stay tuned.

Nice to be back after a week away.  Looking forward to Wednesday morning.  Sandbagger @ Bushwood; TBD for Dirty Bird.


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