The Point – Gams, Hams, and Cans

23 men met in the Gloom in downtown New Bern to work.  YHC had to make some last minute adjustments due to parts of Union Point being closed off – but we made it happen.


SSH x 25

Imperial walker x 20

Cotton Picker x 10

Wide Cotton Picker x 10

Downward Dog OYO

Upward Dog x 2

Thigh Stretch

Shoulder/Tri Stretch

After a thorough warmup we moseyed across the street to the front of the convention center for a warm up raccoon wall crawl.  Once the final man made it around we gathered and mosey’d to the back of the convention Center for:

The Thang:

Partnered up and completed the following:

Circuit 1

Partner A – Slow Count Merkins x 10

Partner B – Slow Lat Pulls x 10

Circuit 2

Partner A – Alternating Side Plank Holds (5 sec hold) x 10

Partner B – Dips x 20

Circuit 3

Partner A – Jackknife Hold

Partner B – Irkins x 25

Quick 10 count then Rinse and Repeat

After completion we ran back across to the overflow lot for some Lower body work

Same Partner as before –

Circuit 1

Partner A completes LBC’s while Partner B completed:

Cone 1 – Split Squats x 10, then lunge to

Cone 2 – Plyo Split Squats x 10, then lunge to

Cone 3 – Squat Dead Lift x 10, then lunge to

Cone 4 – Side Lunges x 10 (5 per leg)

High Knee back to baseline and rotate turns

Circuit 2

Partner A completes Freddy Mercuries while Partner B completes

Cone 1 – In and Out Squats x 10, then lunge to

Cone 2 – Knee to Jump Squats x 5, then lunge to

Cone 3 – Single leg Dead Lift x 10 (5 per leg), then lunge to

Cone 4 – Squat Rockers x 10

High Knee back to baseline and rotate turns

Running short on time we had a quick Mary

  • Heel touches x 20
  • Superman/Banana x 10


** No Bear tomorrow as teams will gather to complete additional work – Bubble Guts to send communication out on specific needs and locations

The team closed with a quick prayer.  Let’s continue to keep New Bern and those in our PAX in prayer as we continue to recover from the Hurricane.  Thank you for the opportunity to lead today!

~ Acolyte


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