Ruck It! Smiles and Miles

4 men rucked up this morning for some smiles and miles.

Starting in the convention center overflow lot we ruck up, disclaimed, and moved out. Stops for PT were as follows:

  • Tryon Palace parking lot for Partner Get-ups x10.
  • Temple Baptist grass lot for Shoulder to Shoulders x12 IC followed by lungewalk for the length of the parking lot.
  • Grounds and Facilities slab for Squat Thrusters x15 SC.
  • E Front railings for Dead Fish Hop.

From there we cruised back to the lot for Mary.

  • Flutter Kicks with Ruck on Front x25 IC

Endex. Our moving pace was a bit closer to just over 15 min/mile that the 17 from my watch, although it did vary. Definitely want to work towards moving quicker.

Please consider joining us for an upcoming Ruck It. Lots of Mumblechatter and a solid fitness activity. All you need is a backback, some weight (bricks, books, sand back, weights, dumbells, whatever) and your regular workout shoes.

ども ありがと
Mr. Roboto

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