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A Pax of 4 gathered in the fog this morning for Ruck It.  After some initial mumble chatter about lingering soreness from the weekend (ability to serve is much appreciated), our day began with:


  • Various stretches OYO – Stretch whatever needs attention

Ruck Up for


YHC provided 3 coupons in the form of 3 round walkway bricks (think deep dish pizza) of roughly 10 lbs each.  Our mission was to deliver these simulated disaster relief supplies.  Leaving the Convention Center Overflow Parking Lot, the 4 Pax rotated carrying the 3 coupons over the Trent River Bridge and then took a hard left and continued up the off ramp of the Neuse River Bridge (ramp exit to downtown currently blocked off to traffic) to the barriers.  There was actually a nice little breeze to stir the fog for a mild cooling effect.  At the top of the ramp, the Pax temporarily grounded the coupons and performed:

  • Reverse Grip Irkins, 20x, OYO (Rucked Up)
  • Upright Ruck Rows, 20x, IC
  • Overhead Ruck Press, 20x, IC

Pax re-ruckified, grabbed the aforementioned coupons, and headed back to the starting point.  Upon arrival, coupons were deposited back in Bitcoin’s truck.  With time to spare, Pax rucked down S. Front Street towards Craven Street.  With about 30 yards to go before getting to the intersection, Q called for Lunge Walks.  At intersection, Pax Bear-Crawled across intersection and continued up Craven Street to Pollock Street. Right on Pollock Street to E. Front Street and right again to finish back at Convention Center Overflow Parking Lot just in time for:


  • Ranger Merkins, 15x, IC (Rucked Up)
  • American Hammers, 15x, 4ct, IC (Holding Ruck)
  • Ruck Bench Press, 15 ct, IC


Ruck It may expand to 1 hour with starting time of 0515 for early Ruckers.  Those who want to post at the standard starting time of 0530 are still welcome to do so.  Stay tuned to PreBlasts for any changes.

Short discussion around the fact that our town has just begun the marathon of recovery.  Shout out to all Pax who posted for various labor opportunities over the weekend.  It might be a good time to remind everyone of the fact that F3 is not simply about having small workout groups, but includes the concept of “the invigoration of male community leadership.”  Recovery is going to take a decent amount of time.  Let’s continue to check in with each other and with neighbors and friends.  Let’s use whatever network we have to help in getting things done over the coming weeks and months.  Let’s demonstrate leadership by our actions.

Bitcoin out!

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