Ruck It – Baseline BackBlast

A Pax of 4 posted for our inaugural Ruck It workout at the Union Point Park Gazebo.  With rucks and weight in place we began with:


  • Rail assisted hamstring stretch, IC, 10ct each leg
  • Rail assisted calf stretch, IC, 10ct while alternating emphasis between each calf
  • Rail assisted quad stretch, IC 10ct each leg
  • Zercher Squats, IC, 20x
  • Upright Ruck Rows, IC 20x
  • Ruck Up and leave gazebo, down S. Front St, R of Middle St, R on Broad St and halt at Traffic Circle


  • 1 mile ruck AFAP – Down Broad, L on George, L on Pollock, halt at Francoeur house (corner of Pollock & S. Front St).  Remember/record your time for future reference.  This is your baseline mile time. Object is to be under 15 minutes.  All Pax met this goal.
  • Ruck back to entrance of Union Point Park for Rucked Up Merkins AMRAP.  Again, remember/record this number.  This is your baseline number of Rucked Up Merkins.
  • Quickly back to the gazebo for …


  • American Hammers while holding Ruck, IC, 4ct, 20x
  • Ruck Bench Press, IC, 15x
  • Dying Cockroach while holding Ruck, IC, 20x
  • Hard Stop @ 0615

Baseline established so as to know if improvement is being made.  In other words, this is a measurable indicator of “getting better.”  AFAP=As Fast As Possible; AMRAP=As Many Reps As Possible.  These will be revisited from time to time as the weeks and months pass.

Pax cirlcled up for Count-O-Rama and Name-O-Rama.  Prayers for safety in upcoming storm.

Thank you for the opportunity to provide a new & different workout.

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