The Dirty Bird

F3NewBern Pax – This pre-blast is coming to you early since I have not put together a formal announcement as Bitcoin did for Ruck It.

To alleviate the pressures of our pax growth and to reduce the number of pax at each AO, an alternate AO has been added to Wednesday’s schedule. F3 theory being, too many pax in one AO is too much of a good thing. Actually, it diminishes the amount of the second F, Fellowship, as well as some exercises are just too crowded.

This Wednesday will be the inaugural session of The Dirty Bird at The Epiphany School’s upper school campus at 2301 Trent Road.

This AO will be a bootcamp style workout in the same spirit of Bushwood. I will be the site Q and thus looking for and/or signing up pax to Q at this site each week. This week should create a lot of excitement with the new AO as well as the impending weather event. There may be a correlation…

This AO is a little closer to home for some pax and may help reduce the amount of mid-week fartsacking. Bring an FNG to help push you back to consistent posting.

Any questions, reply to this preblast or text me directly (229-9225).

Looking forward to the new AO and the opportunity to continue the growth of F3NewBern.

YHC – Gander

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