The Bear BackBlast – Army Training, Sir!

A Pax of 8 hard core men posted for this morning’s version of The Bear.  Weather was a bit overcast, and still quite muggy.  We circled up for the greeting, QIC gave a brief statement or two about the theme, and began with:


  • SSH 4ct. IC 20x
  • Ranger Merkins SC IC 10x
  • Down Dog Stretch OYO


  • Scout Run from parking lot to practice football field/track area
  • Partner up for:  Partner A – BurpUps (Burpee with Pullup) 5x; Partner B – WWI Situps & switch
  • Tunnel of Love
  • Dive Bombers (complete with sound effects from the Pax) IC 10x
  • Army Crawl (belly) from goal line to midfield, then switch to back for remaining 50 yards.  This was modified to crab walk and/or Lt. Dans as doing a back crawl was ridiculous.
  • Partner up for second round of BurpUps 5x and WWII Situps & switch
  • Belching – Starting at goal line on belly, on Q’s signal jump to feet as with a burpee and sprint 20 yards whereupon Pax would dive to ground.  Once all Pax were realigned, Rinse & Repeat until 100 yards were covered
  • American Hammers 4ct. IC 20x
  • Partner up for Buddy Team Assault – Parnter A would station at 10 yard line.  Parter B starts from goal line and sprints 20 yards and drops to ground and rolls over before resuming a keeling firing stance.  Partners leapfrog length of football field in this manner until all 100 yards are traversed.
  • Partner up for third round of of BurpUps 5x and WWI Situps & switch
  • 4 man Fire Team Withdraw under fire with Weekend at Bernies.  Staggered withdrawal from goal line to midfield at which point we have a man down who needs to be carried (2 Pax do the carrying) the remaining 50 yards to goal line.
  • Partner up for fourth round of BurpUps 5x and WWII Situps & switch
  • Tunnel of Love
  • Cooler Ops to side of school — Group takes off at a quick walk/rucking pace, 2 Pax transport cooler full of ice and water bottles.  Every 30 seconds or so, front 2 Pax circle back to relieve the two mule Pax.  Repeat until entire group reaches side of school.
  • Box Jumps 20x OYO
  • Reverse Grip Irkins SC IC 15x
  • Box Assisted LBCs (Legs on box) IC 75x
  • Cooler Ops to Shovel Flag


  • Circle of Lt. Dan
  • Ranger Merkins SC IC 10x
  • CountORama, NameORama, Prayer

Gentlemen, once again I have been motivated by the effort of the PAX.  YHC’s hope is that this was a “fun” workout, even though it was sort of tough.  Let’s take a moment today to pause, reflect and appreciate those who do this for real — those whose lives and the lives of their team depends on their level of physical fitness, their desire to do hard things, and their willingness to go in harm’s way.  Enjoy the rest of the weekend, gentlemen.  You earned it today.

Bitcoin out!

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