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13 warriors met and we had sunshine for the first time in a while.  Q had a chance to dust off the F3 mission statement with 1 FNG in the mix.  Afterwords, we jumped right into …

F3 Yoga –
Sungods – IC x 10 forward and backwards
Cotton Pickers
10 Burpees – OYO
Mosey to the football parking lot

We did an escalator workout, adding a new exercise at each corner.  We did a version of an indian run in between.

Duck walk indian run to ..

First corner – 5 Burpees,  then Bear Crawl indian run to …

2nd corner – 5 Burpees + 10 Iron Mikes then High Knee & Butt Kick indian run to …

3rd corner – 5 Burpees + 10 Iron Mikes + 15 Merkins Backwards run to..

4th corner – 5 Burbees + 10 Iron Mikes + 15 Merkins + 20 Carolina Dry Docks.

Mosey to covered area where the Pax partnered up on the cement blocks.

Round 1 – Partner A did Dips x 30 while partner B did Air Peoples Chair.  Switch.

Round 2 – Partner A did Irkins x 25 while partner B did WWI’s x 20.  Switch

Round 3 – Partner A did Dirkins x 25 while partner B did American Hammers x 10 (4 count).  Switch

Round 4 – Partner A did Step Ups x 15 (each leg) while partner B did Freddy Mercury’s x 10 (4 count).  Switch

Rinse and Repeat the whole thing with some slight midifications.

After the repeat we walked down the steps and partnered up for Suicides / LBC’s.  Partner A did LBC’s while partner B did suicided up the steps and through the covered area.  2 times through the suicides for each team.  Then one more suicide while partner did SSH’s.

Legs feeling pretty heavy we did a walk / mosey back to the parking lot for ..

A nice long 007 and then Dying cockroach x 10 and we were gassed!


Introducing our newest member “The Offering”.  Luke Clark – 19 years old and attending Craven Community College.

Congrats again to the guys who did Sasquatch.  Look for details of another down in Carterico sometime in October.

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Q took us out in prayer.

Great work today fellas.  Iron sharpens iron … getting stronger in every way.  Thanks for the opportunity!

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