Goose is 48

Pax of 16 showed up for the Goose virgin Q.  Conditions were muggy (didn’t matter).  No FNG’s.  Jumped into Warmarama:

24 – SSH

12 – Cotton Pickers

12 each – Sun Gods (F and R)

12 – Front Claps

12 – Overhead Claps

Downward Dog into Upward Dog

Indian Run to the wall just past traffic circle. Each PAX member claimed a piece of the wall and commenced to:

12 Dirkins alternating with 12 Irkins

12 “Goose” wall jumps

12 Dips

12 Squats (butt touch the wall)

Rinse and Repeat 4x  PLUS 12 BURPEES

Slow walk to grass field.  Circled up (not an early Mary).

12 American Hammers

12 Heel Touches

12 Mountain Climbers

12 Plank Jacks

Rinse and Repeat 2x  PLUS 12 BURPEES

Mosey to City Hall where Flanksteak helped out calling LBC count (Thank you!!!)

24 LBC’s

12 Carolina Drydocks

12 Heel Touches

Rinse and Repeat 2x  PLUS 12 BURPEES

Mosey to Convention Center wall.  Eyed it for Racoon Crawl, but wrapped up our journey to 48  Burpees with 12 BURPEES.

Mosey back to Flag poles at the Point.

Mary – Flanksteak called 24 Box Cutters.  Done!

Name-a-Rama…Announcements and Closed in Prayer.

Thank you PAX for support and help counting cadences.  Worn out, but enjoyed it.  Who’s the next virgin Q?




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