A Woman of Ill Repute

Another beautiful morning at Union Point where 19 Pax gathered for Fitness, Fellowship and to visit a few sites of Faith. FNG, George Oliver (Pretty Mouth), joined our outing today so the disclaimer was mumbled and we jumped right into the schedule.


  • Side Straddle Hops 15x 4CIC
  • Sun Gods 10c $CIC, reverse
  • ¬†Baseball Stretches OYO
  • Downward Dog OYO; Upward Dog OYO


That woman of ill repute – Roxanne started our workout in hopes of me being more successful at completing the entire song – almost made it. Plank for 3:21, 27 Merkins, 27 Plank Jacks. We know where a woman of ill repute needs to go, so we started our tour of a few churches.

Moseyed to my truck and picked up our coupons (5 lb solid pavers) for the journey. During mosey time, if a car passed, Clyde was called and the pax were to stop in a Sumo Squat and present the coupons overhead. Clyde was the name of the orangutan in the old movie ‘Every Which Way But Loose’ – some things just stick in your brain needlessly. Thought this move looked like an orangutan. This move got harder – the squats not as deep, the coupons not as high as the workout progressed.

Mosey to First Baptist Church

  • LBCs 20x SCIC
  • Iron Crosses 2x 30s up, 30s down – individual pax rotated count

Mosey to Christ Episcopal

  • Sumo Squat position for 50x coupon curls OYO
  • Derkins with feet on fence 15x SCIC

Mosey to First Church of Christ, Scientist

  • Partner Leg Throws 30x OYO, flap jack
  • Plank Coupon Raises 15x 4CIC

Mosey to First Presbyterian

  • Squats 50x OYO – audible to 40x
  • Overhead Coupon Presses 100x OYO – audible to Ingrown for a 20 countdown – did about 60ish

Mosey to Centenary United Methodist

  • Box Cutters 20x 4CIC as led by FlankSteak
  • Iron Crosses 2x 25s up, 25s down – individual pax rotated count

Mosey back to start with a break at the corner or Middle & Broad to do dips for the 6. Continued back to the Shovel Flag for closing. 1.5 miles of mosey time between stations.


  • Sumo Squat for the 6
  • American Hammers 20x 4CIC

Name-o-Rama presented FNG Pretty Mouth.

Announcements – Sasquatch July 28th in Greenville.

2018 Sasquatch Pre-Blast

YHC prayed us out.

Thank you as always – F3 has been a blessing!


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  1. I enjoyed this morning, fellas, even though it kicked my butt. I’ve decided that my butt needs some kickin’, so I’ll see you soon!

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