Neglected Parts Recap

17 showed at the Point including Dandelion from out of town.  Dandelion, if you could pick up Winthorpe from camp when you finish dropping your kids off that’d be great, it will save us a trip out there.  Today was intended to work parts that are either completely overlooked or seldom worked.

We warmed up by re-marking our territory in the gazebo with some hip flexor and back stretches, rail-assisted hip hinges x 10, pull ups x 75% max reps, and reverse crunches from a hanging position x 10.

We jogged to the railing on the Neuse on E Front St:

  • Alternate between Face-Pulls x 10 and Frog Pumps x 10, 3 sets each.
  • Alternate Wide Grip Rows x 10 and Fire Hydrant x 10 each leg, 3 sets each.
  • Alternate Underhand Grip Rows x 10 and partner assisted Back Extension x 15, 3 sets each.
  • One Superset Face-Pull x 8, Wide Rows x 8, Underhand Rows x 8.
  • Box Squats x 25, LBCs x 30
  • 20/25
  • 15/20
  • 10/15

Plyometrics in the Field:

  • High Knees
  • Butt Kicks
  • Cariocas
  • Spider-Man Lunges
  • Broad Jumps
  • Barrel Jumps

Jog back and Oblique Crunches x 20 each leg, x 15 each leg.

Many thanks to those that supported Cottle Park.

Not too late to sign up for Sasquatch, July 28.

Gander’s working an angle for us to use a trail being created around Epiphany for cross country.

Real strong showing at Pete & Nikki’s this morning, 11!


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