Lawson Creek Bear

11 men braved the Bear at Lawson Creek on a hot Saturday morning.

Warm o Rama –

Quick lap around Lawson Creek followed by some stretches OYO in the middle of the football field.

The Thang:

4 Quarters – 2 groups: one group sprints around the entire football field while the other group does an exercise then flip flop.

Q1 – 4×4’s

Q2 – Goofballs

Q3- Walking Merkins

Q4 – Bobby Hurley’s

Then we jumped into “Bearway To Heaven.” Checkout the description on the F3 site. This one hurt…

10 Partnerkins

Triple Check – split up into groups of 3 and 4. Partner 1 sprints to the other side of the football field and back, Partner 2 holds the People Chair, Partner 3 Planks. Flip flop until all exercises completed by group

Modified Doracides – 60 Merkins; 80 LBC’s, 100 Squats

Threw in some plank position, box cutter-like exercises – not sure what we should call them?


Nolan Ryan’s

Global Warming (worked in split jacks, squats, more Bobby Hurley’s)

Announcements: Gander is going to share his wife’s contact info – she’s counseling folks around the county on suicide prevention

Thanks for the opportunity!


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  1. Pax – going off of Sandbagger’s appropriate prayer regarding suicide awareness and the need for all of us to step forward when needed. My wife is a trained trainer for recognizing and intervening with mental health emergencies, specifically adolescents and youth. Not just suicide, but all types of mental health emergencies. I know I am butchering the full scope of what she can do and her training. I suggested that we as parents talk with our different school administrators to request this training of our teachers and school employees (where appropriate). I hope that after camp is over for her in August that she will branch out and start these trainings when requested. If we put a need and request out there, the schools will have a resource. If you have more interest in this, please let me know. Thank you. Gander.

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