Another run at the Second Son and down One

A Pax of 8 gathered at the Bear on a warm and getting warmer morning to take another run at The Second Son a year later.  After a suggestion to just chat instead of making a go at it was seriously considered, we decided to jump in.

Windmills IC x10, SSH’s IC x30, Down Dog stretching OYO, Hillbillies IC x20

We moved to the big bus lot for some Catch Me if You Can.  The plan was to partner up and run four laps.  The first two with Pax A backpeddling while Pax B did 4 burpees and sprinted to catch up the flapjack.  The second two laps were the same except for 6 diamond merkins instead of burpees.  First two laps went fine but just over half way through lap #3 McRibb took a serious header as he packpeddled over Roll Tide who was performing Diamond Merkins.  McRibb took a nasty fall and came away with a damn big goose egg and cut.  He is fine but must of us normal mortals would have been in some serious trouble.   YHC will in the future make sure that lanes for CMIYC are clearly assigned-my bad McRibb.  The Pax collected itself after we sent McRibb packing and finished up.

Next up was Wall of Worms-BTTW with a 5 movement shuffle left, then right, then walk down the wall then back up for a 10 count.  We then moseyed across the big lot to some shade for 11 Rounds of Deconstructed Burpees.  We started with 11 Squats, 11 leg thrusts, 11 merkins and 11 more leg thrusts and then moved down to 10, 9, etc. all In Cadence so as not to allow for any slippage that seemed to occur the prior year.  This was a real crowd pleaser and required mutilple 10 counts to get through.

Next we moseyed to the covered area for an Escalator to 8:  Box Jumpsx10, Derkinsx20, Groinersx30, Imp Walkersx40, Squatsx50, Lungesx60, LBC’sx70 and Calf Raisesx80.

Finally back to the big lot for an attempt at 7’s using Burpees and Surfer Merkins-the idea was for two laps total with stops along the way to complete the 7’s.  Unfortunately the heat got us and it was called after the first lap and we headed to:

Mary:  Dying Cockroach IC x30 and Star Man courtesy of Ingrown.

No announcements and we closed in prayer with the Jutress Family, McRibb and our Veterans on our minds.

Gentlemen as always thank you for allowing me to lead and have a safe weekend


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  1. Great workout! Except for me tripping backwards onto McRib and smashing his head into the asphalt.

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