Raver Paver Rail Blazer

A pax of 19 plus YHC met for a perfect morning of sweating and grunting. One FNG present, so  the welcome and disclaimer was appropriately mumbled through.

Kotters to Kung Fu Dog from Nintendo and Schnitzel – glad to have you back out with the F3NB family!


  • 10x 4CIC Side Straddle Hops
  • 10x 4CIC Sun Gods; repeat reversed
  • Shoulder & arm stretches OYO
  • Downward Dog

Picked up coupons and mosied to traffic circle and gathered inline. The anticipation of the pax, wondering what fun their coupons had in store, could be felt in the air.

Thang #1

  • Planks w/coupon pick-ups 10x 4CIC
  • Bent over rows 13x 4CIC
  • Side shoulder presses 13x 4CIC
  • Bent over tricep extensions 13x 4CIC
  • Curls 20x 4CIC
  • Bent over flys 13x 4CIC
  • Iron crosses – 30s up, 30s down; 20s up, 20s down; 10s up, 10s down

Put the coupons down to allow them to rest and moved over to rail by Front St.

Thang #2

  • Derkins w/feet on rail 13x SC
  • Dips on walkway curb 13x SC
  • Toe taps on walkway curb 30s
  • Wide derkins w/feet on rail 13x SC
  • Dips on walkway curb 13x OYO
  • (missed a 2nd round of toe taps)
  • Derkins w/feet on rail 13x SC
  • Dips on walkway curb 20x OYO

Returned to our coupons and lined up for…

Thang #3

  • Lt. Dans to marker OYO
  • John Travoltas 13x 4CIC; repeat opposite side
  • Bear crawls to marker OYO
  • Bucket brigade lunges to marker OYO
  • Pilgrims w/overhead presses to marker OYO
  • Concrete crosses 13x 4CIC
  • Lunge walk w/side shoulder presses to marker OYO
  • American hammers 13x 4CIC
  • Bonus – 13 derkins on rail

Mosey back to Union Point to return coupons and plank for the 6.


  • Shoulder and arm stretches OYO
  • Chilcutts w/side arm extensions to stretch
  • Done.

No announcements.

FNG Robbie Patterson welcomed and knighted Doogie.

Closed in prayer.

Thank you for letting me Q. No, Pyro, I was not mad at anyone, just pushing the pax and myself. With respect to the count of 13 – that is how much weight I have lost since joining F3. Thank you for pushing me and inspiring me to get involved and getting active again! Have a great weekend!


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