#13 Backblast

A Pax of 18 turned out on a beautiful morning at the Point.  It was finally a little warmer.  The Pax was energized and chatter was high.  No FNGs so I attempted to quiet the crowd with a disclaimer but was unsuccessful.  So we jumped right into

Sun Gods ICx13
Imperial Walkers  ICx13
Cotton Pickers ICx13
High Knees ICx13

Indian Run to field next to roundabout. Upon eyeing the fence/railings that surround the field I quickly realized that what I wanted to do would not work.  Luckily the railing along the Neuse on Front Street appeared ok, so we went there for:

Pole Dancing x 13 – This was supposed to be in cadence, but WinthorpE just kept counting and I’m not sure anyone could hear me anyway.  We then moseyed over to end of field for a sprint to the lit cone, 13  Copper Head squats IC and Lunge Walk back.

Mosey back to railing for 13 Hanging Rows, back to end of field for Sprint to lit cone, 13 Wimpys and Lt. Dan back.

Another Indian run up Broad, left on Craven to  corner of Pollock street across from City Hall. We had a slight casualty as Mr. Roboto twisted his ankle in the roundabout (he toughed it out the remainder of the workout but may be on injured reserve for a few).

We then performed merkins, derkins and irkins (at repetitions below) at each of the following corners – #1 Craven/Pollock, #2 Craven/S. Front, #3 S. Front/Middle and #4 Middle/Pollock (moseying between each corner, except for II Fingers, Oz and Gator who were engaged in some warped race)

#1 – 3/6
#2 – 9
#3 – 12
#4 – 13

#1 -12
#2 – 9
#3 – 6
#4 – 3

Many insults were thrown towards YHC during this merkin/derkin/irkin ladder.  All were gladly accepted.

Mosey back to corner #1 for Monkey Humpers x13IC.  Then a short mosey to front of convention center for a raccoon crawl.   All you got back to Gazebo for

WWI x13
LBC x 13
Heel touches x 13
Box cutters x 20

YHC took us out in prayer.  As always it was a pleasure to lead.  Great job today by all!  Due to injury looks like Acolyte is on Q for the Bear.   Hope the ankle heals quickly Roboto!


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