Back Blast Backblast

Twenty-one this morning was about fifteen more than I expected on a holiday weekend.  Must have been a conscious effort to bring up the lagging muscle groups and it was a lot of back work.  For posture reasons they say you should do 3:2 pulling:pushing exercises and if you’re hunched over a keyboard or smartphone a much higher ratio.  They’re hard to incorporate without a bar or weight and The Point is about the only place it’s easy to employ but I’d encourage anyone Q’ing to try if available.


  • Swan Dive Good Morning x 10
  • Sun Gods x 10 each direction
  • Helicopters x 10
  • Hip Flexor/Back Stretch
  • Reverse Crunches from hanging position x 15
  • Pullups one short of failure
  • Jog behind the convention center


  • Pole Dancing x 12
  • Bulgarian Split Squat each leg x 12
  • Repeat both x 10
  • Repeat both x 8
  • Jog to the front of convention center and Crawl Raccoon


  • Progressive Sprint to the field adjoining the Neuse
  • Spider-Man Walk (Lunge with knee all the way down, palms to the ground on instep, raise outside arm to sky) x 10 each leg
  • Jog back to Gazebo
  • Pullups one short of failure with one negative
  • Jog back behind convention center


  • Hanging Rows x 20
  • Sumo Squats x 20
  • Repeat x 16
  • Repeat x 12
  • Back in front of convention center for Crawl Raccoon


  • Progressive Spring back to the field
  • Lunge x 10 each leg with core rotation
  • Jog back to gazebo
  • Pullups one short of failure with one negative


  • Reverse crunch on back x 25
  • Heel Touches x 25
  • Oblique crunches each side x 20/16/12
  • Fire Hydrants x 10 each side
  • Frog Pumps x 15

Very solid work today from everybody but I was most impressed with our showing at Pete & Nikki’s, nine strong.  Looks like a lot of guys already signing up for the F3 Dad’s Camp.  Talk to Roboto or Honey Wagon if you’ve got some interest, they both attended last year.

Acolyte putting on the chest beef tomorrow at The Bear.



  1. Nothing like the pain of today to make you forget about the pain from Wednesday. It was truly a “blast.”

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