The Bear……March Madness miler

6 men gathered at NBHS in swell  conditions for The Bear.  Since it is March Madness time, YHC stressed that the ACC had a record of 9 teams make the field of 64 but only 5 teams remained after round one. No thanks to our snotty rivals to the north who spit the bit against UMBC.  No FNGs so we jumped into….


  • SSH x 9
  • Merkins x 9
  • Helicopters x 9
  • Hamstring stretch  9 secs each leg
  • Winthorpe Achilles Stretch 9 secs each leg

Pre Thang (parking lot on left side of NBHS)

  • 9 burpees
  • 8 burpees
  • 7 burpees
  • 6 burpees
  • 5 burpees (stop here since the ACC has 5 teams left in the tourney after round 1.  So UVA’s choke job cost the Pax 5 burpees each. We then moseyed over to the track for…..

The Thang – March Madness miler

Since it is March Madness, YHC instructed the group to run one 1/4 mile lap (Pax stayed in a close knit group for each lap) and after every lap the Pax did exercises that spelled out MARCH.  The first lap exercise was 25 Merkins,  For each additional lap YHC adds another exercise and decreased the reps by 5,

Lap one – 25 Merkins

Lap two – 20 Merkins, 20 Air squared (hold peoples chairs position while doing overhead claps)

lap Three – 15 merkins, 15 Air squared, 15 russian twists,

Lap four – All exercises x 10 adding chilly jacks

Lap 5 – All above exercises x 5 plus 5 hand release burpees

The Pax headed to the covered area for a little lazy Dora 1….2….3….  Partner up,  do a combined 50 dips, 75 WWI’s, 150 squats.  partner A would do said exercise, while Partner B held peoples chair against wall with over head claps.  Partner B could switch to planking since leg burning increased once the squats hit.

We then had just enough time to run through an Indian bear crawl with one merkin after each man completed  his Bear crawl.


The Mary: 

  • Box cutters x 9
  • freddie mercuries x 9
  • 007’s
  • Boat canoe
  • Starmans x with 9 sec hold at end


Cornfed on Q for fartlek, II fingers on for Bushwood.  Bridge run is on for next Saturday but need a Q for the Bear. Always a pleasure!

Ingrown signing off

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