Absolution at The Point Backblast

A Pax of 8 men in search of absolution posted this morning at The Point under a clear sky and temps in the mid-40s.  Among the Pax, there was no sense of fear, despite the coming trials and tribulations…


  • SSH 15x 4ct IC
  • Sungods 10x 4ct IC & switch direction
  • Cotton Pickers 10x 4ct IC
  • Trunkies 5x 4ct IC & switch direction
  • Quad Stretch OYO
  • Right over Left/Left over Right Stretch OYO
  • Down Dog Calf Stretch OYO
  • Glute Stretch OYO
  • Ankle Rotations 10ct, switch direction & switch feet
  • 1 lap around block


  • In & Outs 15x 4ct IC
  • Freddy Mercury 15x 4ct IC
  • Prison Cell Merkin Burpees (PCMBs) 5 reps OYO
  • Partner Leg Throws 25x
  • Partner A: Hanging Crunches (10 straight, 10 left oblique, 10 right oblique), Partner B: Carolina Dry Docks & Switch
  • Low Slow Flutter 15x 4ct IC
  • Pulse Ups 20x IC
  • Super Skaters 15x IC & switch legs
  • American Hammers 15x 4ct IC
  • LBC 20x IC
  • Greetings and Chair Salutations (hold for unspecified time, but at least 45 seconds)


  • Iron Cross (Palms Down, Palms Up, Palms Back 45 seconds each position)
  • Pot Stirrers OYO
  • Shoulder Stretch OYO
  • Tricep Stretch OYO
  • Down Dog Stretch OYO
  • Up Dog Stretch OYO
  • Child’s Pose OYO


  • Count-O-Rama
  • Name-O-Rama
  • Announcements: Continued prayer for Gander’s M for mission trip; Invite FNGs to join the fun
  • Close in prayer

Fantastic effort put forth by the Pax.  Penance has been made. Restitution has been accepted.  Missing six-packs have been returned to their rightful owners.  YHC was honored to lead.  Truly a Hard Core experience.

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