The Chisel – Backblast

On a very windy morning, 12 men posted at The Point for The Chisel, a regimen designed to chip away at any soft spots we might have, using both dynamic and isometric exercises.  This was the maiden voyage for YHC as the Q.


SSH IC x 10; Cotton Pickers IC x 10; Trunk Rotation (“Trunkies”) IC x 5 then switch direction x 5; Sungods IC x 5 then switch direction x 5; Shoulder Stretch OYO, Tricep Stretch OYO, Michael Phelps OYO, Quad Stretch OYO, Down Dog Calf Stretch OYO


Formation Run in Column of 2s with YHC calling cadence, 2 laps around the block.

Back to gazebo and partner up for:  Pullups x 5 with partner spot as necessary then to bench with Partner A Tricep Dips x 30 while Partner B Imperial Walkers & switch. Rinse & Repeat with Commando Pullups x 5 the second time through.

Weight & Balance Issues (Single Leg Chamber & Extend then switch legs); Iron Cross (Arms extended, palms down, palms up, palms back 1 minute per position); Forearm Plank (1 min); Werkins x 10; Forearm Plank (1 min); Diamond Merkins x 10; Partner up for Leg Throws x 30; Rinse & Repeat with Forearm Planks for 30 seconds and 5 Diamonds, Leg Throws x 20 the second time through.

Murphy to Manteo: 4 SSH, 4 Squat Thrust, 4 Jumping Knee Ups, 4 Merkins repeated x 4 (4 exercises, 4 counts each repeated 4 times — 4x4x4=64, Hwy 64 runs from Murphy to Manteo, hence the name).


Catch breath (seriously)

Shoulder Stretch OYO, Tricep Stretch OYO, Freestyle Stretch OYO

Sorry I cannot remember the announcements.  YHC was still in oxygen deprivation mode.

Closed in CoT with prayer.

Gentlemen, thank you for posting this morning.  The encouragement and support you gave to a first time Q is much appreciated.  It was both a privilege and an honor to lead such a fine group of men.

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