Fartlek BB – (over)Half way there

9 men including a FNG (who may or may not have been informed of how much running was involved) showed up ready to go on a cloudy but still warm Monday.  We started with…..

Warm- O – Rama

  • Helicopter IC X 10
  • Cotton Pickers IC X 10
  • Downward Dog OYO
  • Oz Pigeon Stretches OYO
  • SSH IC X 10


Slow/moderate speed run, left on Country Club, Tenella loop, left on Country Club/Chelsea up to the “office park” plank jacks for the 6.  From here to Meadows “Sand” Park, more plank jacks for the 6 and 3 exercises in 3 groups:

  • Pull Ups to failure on monkey bars
  • Swing set rows X 50
  • Dips X 35

Left on Country Club Drive, right on Holly Ridge, left on Fairway, plank jacks and Al Gore for the 6 at stop sign, back to the NBGCC.

Mary – no time for it

YHC closed in prayer.

Great work!  Everyone completed at least a 5K this am, the added loops on Tenella and Holly Ridge made it roughly 3.7.  Welcome FNG Lazy Eye (Aaron Perry), a cross fit beast from the brewery capital.  Be sure to join us (even on Mondays) anytime your travels bring you this way.

McRib out!


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