7 men of questionable intellect posted this chilly morning for a nice workout, with father/son co-Q’s.  With no FNG’s, we warmed up:

Side-straddle hops x 20; Hillbillies x 18. Arms:  Fast forward x 20; fast backward x 18; wide forward x 20; wide backward x 18; overhead claps x 20; air presses x 18.  Windmills x 20; Mountain climbers x 18


Thang:  Short and careful mosey to Courtyard parking lot, where there was ice-free pavement.  There we emulated Wilt Chamberlain, of 100 point game fame, with 100 LBC’s, followed by a 100 yd dash up the lot, plank for 6; then 100 squats, dash back, Al Gore.  100 lunges (50 each leg), 100 yd dash back.  Attempted a snake run around the lot, but the ice made it a mosey, calf raises x 20 and copperhead squats x 18, then copperhead squats x 20, calf raises x 18; ; 2 laps, then merkins x 20, imperial walkers x 18; 1 lap, then plank jacks x20, and burpees x 18, followed by 1 lap.

Mary:  LSF x 20, Dolly’s x 18, Freddie Mercury x 20, Alternating shoulder taps x 18;  Mosey back to Gazebo, where we closed with a circle of trust.

Paddington’s last day.  An honor to lead.

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  1. Following up on some of our not Pete and Nicky’s conversation, the ‘bombing’ occurs when a low pressure system’s central pressure falls 24 millibars in 24 hours or less.* So Kevorkian was mostly accurate as usual, 1 millibar per hour, give or take.

    * https://www.popsci.com/bomb-cyclone

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