12 Days of Christmas

12 men posted up on an unseasonably warm Saturday 2 days before Christmas.  The start was an hour later than normal – probably not necessary since everyone was surprisingly well behaved last night at club.  8am still came quickly and off we went….


-SSH x 25 IC

-Sun gods x 15 each direction IC

-Abe Vigoda x 20 IC

-Quad stretches, Downward/Upward dog OYO

-Tandem Indian runs around school to courtyard


Courtyard: Box jumps x 10, Step ups on box x 10 each leg, Calf raises x 25, LBCs on box x 25

12 Days of Christmas at parking lot (each round followed by run longways down parking lot and Cariocoa shortways to opposite corner)

-1st day of Christmas: Catalina Wine Mixer x 2

-2nd day: Monkey Humpers x 4

-3rd day: Burpies x 6

-4th day: Squats x 8

-5th day: Merkins x 10

-6th day: Dying cockroach x 12

-7th day: Lunges x 7 each leg

-8th day: Travoltas x  8 each side

-9th day: Imperial walkers x 18

-10th day: Plank jacks x 20

-11th day: American Hammer x 22

-12th day: Air presses in Squat x 24

MARY (12 days chewed up all but a couple minutes)

-Thanks to Ingrown for leading a Christmas Star Man rendition


-Successful Coats for Kids collection last night, 60+ coats. Strong work PAX! Thanks for dropping off coats, HT.

-No Fartlek on Mon (Christmas day)

-Oz on for Bushwood on Wed, 12/27

-Merry Christmas!

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