Eight men met up in the cold rain, all waiting in the warmth of their vehicles until the starting time.  This is the second time in some time roll tide led the Q so it was at times his second virgin Q.  We started by running to the covered overhang for a short Warm A Rama:

SSH x 25

Cotton Pickers x 15

Imperial Walker x 10

We jumped right into the workout:

15 Burpees followed by a run out of the covered pavillion down the end of the sidewalk near the parking lot, back to the covered pavillion for

20 Jump squats, followed by same run to end of sidewalk and back

15 Merkins, followed by same run to end of sidewalk and back

repeat 3 times.

On fourth and fifth round we did each of the following, with the run inbetween each exercise.

15 Burpees

20 Jump Squats

15 Merkins

10 Scissor Step ups (each leg)

10 Romanian split leq squats (each leg)

With Pax so close to 100 Burpees and Merkins, Q decided to keep going, all mumble chatter was ignored.

15 burpees, run, 15 Merkins, run, 10 burpees, run, 10 merkins

With all out of breath, we moved on to Mary:

American Hammer x 25

Box Cutter x 15

Starman x 10

Audible was called for three to be called from the group

007’s x too long

Freddy Mercury x 25

Plank Abs x 10


Cuddy is on Fartlek on Monday.  Thoughts out to the PAX recovering from injuries.

Thanks for coming out on a nasty cold morning, I never could have completed this on  my own!  Have a great week!

~roll tide

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