Prepare for Glory – The Point Backblast

10 hopeful Spartans showed up in the Gloom at Union Point Park for some early morning warrior training.  We welcomed a visiting F3 brother, Danica, from the Greensboro Pax.  When the clock struck 0530 – we hit it hard!


SSH x 25

Cotton Pickers x 10

Wide Cotton Pickers x 10

Imperial Walkers x  10

Downward Dog – OYO

Blast Off Merkins x 10

Tricep Stretches

After a solid warm-up YHC discussed the breakdown of the 300 workout.  This was a slight repeat of a previous workout earlier in the year – with some added beat down.  We partnered up and got to it:

The 300 Thang:

Pull Ups – 25

Single Leg Dead lifts – 25/leg

Merkins – 50

Box Jumps – 50

Floor Wipers – 50

Quick mosey to the Rock pile for:

Single Arm – Press and Clean (with rock) – 25 per arm

Quick mosey to the back of the convention center to wrap up with:

Inverted Rows/pull ups – 25

After some heavy breathing – we moseyed to the side field for some sprint work x 5 and then back to the gazebo for


American Hammer x 25

LBC’s x 50

Starmans x 10

Box Cutters x 10

Superman/Bananas x 5 (just for McRib)


Congratulations to Sandbagger and his wife Meghan on their new beautiful baby girl!

McRib is on The Bear tomorrow.  Bring your gloves and prepare for some torture.

Thanks for the opportunity to lead the group this morning.  You are all warriors!  In the words of Prince Dakkar from 300 – “What we do in life .. echoes an eternity.”  Make it a great day everyone!!



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