Mr. October

It’s that time of the year — the Fall Classic is nearly set. Either the winner of the Yankees/Astros tonight or these members of F3 New Bern will be taking on the Dodgers. We gathered to prepare for the big event…


-SSH x 20 IC

-Sun gods x 30 IC (forwards and backwards

-Windmills x 20 IC

-High knees x 20 IC

-Quad stretch, calf stretch OYO


-Mousey to track: 2 groups of 5 for scout run, lead runner sprints 25 yards and does imperial walkers until full group passes

  • Full lap scout run then pull ups on goal posts – as many as you can do.
  • Rinse and repeat

-America’s pasttime

  • Batter, pitcher, catcher and fielders: batter runs 2 laps around bases after hit while all fielders perform the following exercises. Everyone bats per inning.
    • Inning 1: 3 burpies/10 squats cycle
    • Inning 2: 1 merkin/2 air presses ratio
    • Inning 3: 10  American hammers/10 LBCs
    • Above exercises performed until batter completes 2 laps
    • If batter’s ball is caught in air before ground, batter only runs 1 lap


  • Good morning Abby x 5 – harder than they look
  •  Dying cockroaches x 10
  • Boat canoe


Great to have The Natural join use from Mt. Pleasant. Only appropriate that there was a baseball themed work-out. 2.5 year old tee ball bat had to be rename Wonderboy (Lightning) in honor of our Natural.

Mr. Roboto on for Fartlek, 10/23

Flanksteak on for Bushwood on 10/25

Cuddy on for the Point on 10/27

**Need Q for Bear on 10/28

YHC forgot to perform NAMEARAMA but FNG (Charlie from Boston) had to leave early and it  turns out was at Coffeeteria and named Gisele.

Taken out in prayer.

Pleasure to lead as always.






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