Back Blast – The Point – Leg Warmers

Eight men joined on a cool Fall morning at The Point for some Leg Warmers.  This workout was a compressed repeat of a workout I led at the Bear several month ago (All About That Base).  We should all feel this later this weekend.  You’re welcome.


SSH x 25

Imperial Walkers x 15

Cotton Pickers x 10

Wide Cotton Pickers x 10

Downward Dog Calf Stretches – OYO

Upward Dogs x 3

Dancing Bear x 5 per side


With legs nice and warm, the group moseyed around the circle drive and over to the field near the bridge for:

The Thang:

The field was divided by 4 cones – each about 30 yards apart.  Each cone a leg exercise was performed – followed by a travelling leg exercise to the next cone.

Circuit 1

Cone 1 – Split Squats 5 per leg (4 counts for 1)

Lunge to next Cone

Cone 2 – Plyo Split Squats (5 per leg)

Squat walk to next cone

Cone 3 – Squat Deadlift x 10

Bear Crawl to next cone

Cone 4 – Side Lunge x 10 per leg

High Knee Skip back to baseline.  Rinse and Repeat

Circuit 2:

Cone 1 – In and Out Squats x 10

Lunge to next cone

Cone 2 – Knee to Squat jumps x 10 (these were brutal)

Squat walk to next cone

Cone 3 – Single Leg Deadlift x 5 per leg

Bear crawl to next Cone

Cone 4  -Squat Rockers x 10

High knee skips to baseline.  Rinse and repeat.

After a 30 count the PAX made its way over to the bridge wall for:

Round 1 – Standard Wall Sits – 10 count per man

Round 2 – One Legged Wall Sit – 5 count per man

Round 3 – One Legged Wall Sit – 5 count per man (alternate leg)

Round 4 – Balls to the Wall – 10 count per man

The PAX moseyed back around the circle to the gazebo for a final set of leg exercises

Calf Raises:

We started with stair calf raises.  50 raises per stair, 4 sets of stairs = 200 calf raises with alternating foot positions for outer and inner raises.

The group assembled in the gazebo for

Mary – Dealers Choice


Cookout – Merkins x 20

Morning – Burpees x 10

420 – Burpees x 5

Oz – Low Slow Flutters x 30 (felt like 200)

Unicorn – LBC’s x 30

Peeping Tom – Chin-ups x 5-10

O-Face – Pickle Pushers x 10

Great work today with great effort by all who attended.

Upcoming schedule:

Honey Wagon – The Bear – 10/7

Oz – Fartlek – 10/9

Mr. Roboto – Bushwood – 10/11

** The Point – OPEN 10/13

Have a great weekend everyone!

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