LCP Part Deux

It was a picture perferct day at the Bear with a smallish Pax gathering to run back a workout YHC introduced back in the spring at Lawson’s Creek Park.  This is how it went, again.


SSH x 25, Cotton Pickers x 10, Downward Dog, Windmills x 10 and Sun Gods x 10 each way followed by an Indian Run the long way around the school to the covered area to begin The Thang:  OYO 10 Derkins, 15 Dips, 20 Bulgarian Lunges, 25 Irkins, and 30 Step Ups then a lap around the large bus lot and back to plank for the 6.  Repeato and then Repeato again.  That may be redundant.  Regardless we then did an Indian Run to the practice football field for:

The Quarter Pounder.  Run 25 yards and do 25 Scorpian Dry Docks then back peddle to the starting line.  Run 50 yards and do 50 American Hammers then back peddle to the starting line.  Run 75 yards and do 75 Mt Climbers then back peddle to the starting line.  Run 100 yards and do 100 SSH’s then pack peddle to the start.  20 count to recover and then we paired up for:

Dora 1,2,3.  Pax A runs 75 yards and back while Pax B does execise and flapjack.  100 Merkins, 200 LBC’s and 300 Squats as a team were knocked out.  Clearly the Pax is improving as this concluded The Thang earlier this year but we had time on our hands so we moseyed to the High School steps for 20 calf raises per step for a total of 120 followed by 30 Irkins just because.  Moseyed to the flag for:

Mary:  Bay City Scissors x 10 (completely muddled by YHC), LBC’s x50, Low Slow Flutters x 10, Freddy Mercury’s x 10 and a little .0035 action by Ingrown in honor of Winthorpe who swore he would be here today but…

There were no announcements and YHC closed in prayer.  Enjoyed it today guys.


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