Tour de Bern

13 Pax members joined in for a minor Beatdown on a soggy Friday morning. With some good mumble chatter behind us, we jumped right in. We went to 4 different venues this morning to “tour” our town.

Warmarama- (union point)

SSH -x25, merkins x25, back/leg stretches – oyo, imperial walkers x25, windmills x25 –> mosey

venue 1: grassy area on front street beside Mike Raines’ office

— ATMs- alternating shoulder touches x 15, tempo merkins x10, merkins- fast x10, (3 sets with LBCs x10 in between) –> mosey

venue 2: site of santas house when he visits

– 4 x 4 ( burpee, 4 merkins, 4 mtn climbers) x 5 sets –> mosey

venue 3: city hall

step hop (10 steps), 3 burpees x 5 –> mosey

venue 4: grass field beside persimmons

partner wheelbarrow:

partner a wheelbarrows down – 40 LBCs

partner b wheelbarrows back – 40 WW1

—> snotwaggler back to UP for MARY

MARY: (union point)

freddie mercuries- x25

cotton pickers x25

back/calf stretches – oyo


-prayers for skip and giga smiths mother – Mary Manley

– continued prayers for Houston/Texas

– Faulkner on Q at bear


thanks for the opportunity, gentlemen. Have a great Labor Day!

— BG


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