The Point

17 showed for a steamy session at The Point, many still hurt from McRib’s double Fartlek-Bushwood Smackdown.  Q was among the hurt and in sympathy began with some nice back stretches since the back and core would be the point of emphasis today and into plyos.

  • Series of Downward into Upward Dogs
  • Dancing Bears x 30
  • Tempo Imperial Walkers x 20

Mosey to parking lot across convention center for plyometrics:

  • Cariocas
  • High Knees
  • Butt Kicks
  • Lunges
  • Barrel Jumps
  • Groiners

Mosey to the back of the convention center via the knee-wall in front that we raccoon crawled.  Grab a partner and complete:

  • Lat Pulls x 30 using the railing while partner holds Superman
  • Repeat x 25
  • Repeat x 20

Take the lap around the convention center, raccoon crawling the knee wall again and returning to the railing and your partner for:

  • Pole Dancing x 20 while partner completes 10 Dive Bombers
  • Repeat x 16 and 8
  • Repeat x 12 and 6
  • Holding railing, Reverse Crunches to each shoulder x 20 total
  • Feet on railing, Up Crunches x 25

Take the lap around again and skip the raccoon crawl, under the bridge and around the waterfront to the curbing near flagpole for:

  • Reverse Grip Merkins x 20, x 15

Walk back to field for Mary:

  • American Hammers x 25
  • WWI with one arm to opposing foot x 20 total
  • Plank Dips x 15
  • Hold Elbow Plank while group completes Wheel of Pickle Pounders

Faulkner on Q at The Bear tomorrow

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  1. The wheel of pickle pushers was sexy! No better place than a public park on a beautiful morning for those.

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