The Sharing Song

A beautiful and warm morning brought 13 men together at New Bern High School for a lesson in sharing.  The theme of today’s workout was teamwork; partnership; unity.  Each exercise performed was shared among the team until completed.  Did it make it easier?  Absolutely not.  But it did bond us all a little closer and challenge us all to finish the task at hand.


Sungods x 15

SSH x 25

Imperial Walkers x 15

Downward/Upward Dog – OYO

Wacky Jacks x 15

The PAX did a slow mosey to the parking lot for:

The Thang:

The group broke into partners (including 1 threesome) for the four corners exercises:

Corner 1 – Wheelbarrow Push-ups with a Squat x 100 (partners alternated until completing 100 total)

Corner 2 – Reach and Touch Planks x 50

Corner 3 – Squat Jump with a Clap x 25

Corner 4 – Partner Get Ups x 15

Back to corner 1 (in the grass) – Over-Unders Bridge x 10

The group slow jogged to the Wall of Pain and immediately noticed the Pullup/Dip Bar strategically placed in the middle.  Continuing the sharing theme – the next rounds included:

100 Pull-Ups (each team member completed to failure while remaining PAX hold Wall Squat) – actually completed a total of 115

200 Dips (each team member completed to failure while remaining PAX hold Wall Squat) – actually completed 230.

Finished by partnering back up for:

100 Box Jumps (alternating while partner completes LBC’s)

Slow mosey back to front for a quick water break and finish with:


Box Cutters x 20

Boat/Canoe x 15

Superman/Banana x 10

Freddy Mercury x 20

Monkey Humpers (courtesy of 420) x 15

Great work today everyone!  It’s amazing what the PAX can do when working together!  Welcome to FNG – Lite Brite.  Great having you join the group!

Announcements – Sasquatch – July 29 (see Roboto for details); Rotary Club is running a fundraiser for kids in need (see Honey Wagon for more details)

We desperately need people to sign up to Q.  McRib is on Fartlek Monday.  Bushwood is open for Wednesday.  Unicorn on the Point Friday.  Faulkner on Bear for Saturday.  After that – it’s wide open – so please sign up!  Have a great weekend everyone – thanks again for giving it your all this morning!

~ Acolyte



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