Catch me if you can……………..

18 lads gathered at the most scenic spot in New Bern for an early morning beat down at The Point. After a couple days filled with precipitation, we got lucky with a nice cool, clear morning.

There is a bubbling “beef” brewing between the 6am yoga class and the F3 Point workout times. More to follow on this…. After mutual pleasantries, incredible amounts of flatulence and standard mumble chatter, we jumped right into it (a minute late) as Flank steak informed me….


Side Straddle Hops x20

Phelps Stretches x 10

Modified Plank Jacks x 15

McKenzie Lower Back stretches – 1 min oyo

Merkins x 20

Imperial Walkers x 20   —> Mosey to Park entrance

As we are completing the warmarama, the beady little eyes of the yoga instructor did not look friendly. We elected to move on out, before he lost his “center,” as we always try to be good men within our community….


I. Snot Waggler/Catch me if you can:  x4 laps (added another for those who got done insanely early/over achieved)

Partner A -3 burpees and catches partner

Partner B – runs backwards until A catches him

II. Wheelbarrow Race

Partner A – wheelbarrow across road

Partner B – carries the load

Last 2 did 20 merkins (flapjack)

III. BackStage:

Partner A – did vertical jumps to stage while partner B does plank jack merkins

x75 vertical jumps

IV. SnotWaggler Reprise- see number 1. Pax were mad claiming that this was not planned, but rather to gap time…. Who’s to say?

Mary – Shes the best…..

LBC’s x 20

Plank Jacks – for real this time x 20

WW1 x20

McKenzie Back Stretches

Boat/Canoe x 10

Box cutters – Flank on Q – x20

As always, it was a pleasure to lead. I was impressed at the improvement made by the pax. My very first F3 at the Bear in October had Tonka from ENC show us the Snot Waggler. That was the closest I came to dying in 2016. Today was not so bad. Good job fellas!


Saturday WO at Lawson creek at 7am. 420 on Q!


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