Paint the Town

16 men told the gloom who was boss this morning and powered through what YHC hopes was a challenging workout.  I never really thought, in my pre-F3 days, that I would get excited about a new parking lot, but I found myself looking at the map and thinking, huh, I don’t think we’ve done anything here before. It’s nice, and spacious, and well lit and I bet it has some good lines. Let’s paint ’em.  So I figured I’d build around that and here’s how it went.


  • SSH x20 IC
  • Good Mornings x10 IC
  • Peter Parkers x10 IC
  • Parker Peters x10 IC
  • Sun Gods x10 IC
  • Michael Phelps x10 IC

Mosey to the field to throw down with the Thang:

Partner up for Wheelbarrows. Starting at tree 1, partner A is the wheelbarrow to tree 2. Drop and mosey to tree 3 and then flapjack the wheelbarrow to tree 4. Unicorn was kind enough to point out the distance between the trees was unequal for each partner favoring partner A, and as he was my partner, I volunteered to go first.  I did try to cover that discrepancy in my instructions by suggesting that the the first wheelbarrower should go to the second tree-or so.  I’ll clean it up for next time.*   — Squats for 6 —

Mosey under the bridge and around to the front of the convention center.  — SSH for 6 —

Grab a section of the knee wall that surrounds the Convention Center pavilion for:

  • Tempo Dips x10 (down on the 1,2,3, up on the count)
  • Tempo Incline Merkins x10
  • Really frickin’ high Step Ups x10 each leg
  • Box Jumps x10

We did this 2 full rounds of this and then just the Dips and Incline Merkins for a 3rd round.

Mosey to the sidewalk, jog in place for car to pass, then cross the street to that aforementioned new parking lot I was excited about. The exercise here was 11’s – Merkins and Captain Thors. So starting with 1 Captain Thor on one side of the lot, Pax would run along the lines that divide each parking space  to the other side of the lot to perform 10 Merkins there. Captain Thor reps increased and Merkin reps decreased as we went back and forth so that the rep count for each length of parking lot was always 11.  To situate ourselves to begin, we got with our partners from wheelbarrowing as a method of splitting the Pax in half so that we could avoid a cluster of line painters all trying to use the same space. Yes, this was confusing but the Pax rolled with it well.

In my short time with F3, I’ve learned that 11’s can get a bit monotonous at times. I learned this morning that when you add a requirement to trace a parking line the length of a parking lot, it just takes forever and gets annoying. So a quick audible was made at this point to simply run back and forth between ends and exercises.    Better.    But as YHC noticed, time does not stop ticking, and 11s stay monotonous, it was time to call audible 2 and cut that routine short so that we could experience the other fun things that were in store. While we waited for everyone to finish the last lap they started, the Pax showed off some of their invisible jump rope skills… we had some hand crossing, some double jumps… would have like to have seen some double dutch, but I’m sure it was just that we didn’t have adequate time.

Move over to the sidewalk side of wall that divides that parking lot and E. Front St. Feet up on the  wall and hands on sidewalk for some Wall Walk Derkins. When YHC calls left, Pax “walk” left, when YHC calls right, Pax “walk” right. When YHC calls down, Pax perform Derkin. Who needs legs , right? Maybe twice we  did walks right and left and about 5 Derkins each time downs were called. Ingrown did a quick 10 count and put us back on the wall without too much rest. Saw a few people drop off the wall so it was time to move on.

This time Ingrown gave us a bit more time to recover before we moved back into confines of the park for a longer than it appears stretch of Lt. Dans (today it was 4 walking lunges and 2 squats) from the entrance to the 2nd light post where the Pax then sprinted to the flag poles. — More invisible jump ropes for the 6— If you felt like you ain’t got no legs after that, you were doing it right. Good thing we practiced those wall walks.

Mosey down back towards the gazebo for a round of ATMs.

  • Alternating Shoulder Taps x10 IC
  • Tempo Merkins x10
  • Merkins (single count done quickly) x10

Then back to gazebo for Mary:

  • Heel Touches x20
  • LSF x20
  • Gas Pumps x20
  • LBCs x20

We closed with a quick message about choosing to live life to survive or live life to succeed. It was evident that the men out this morning have chosen today to live life to succeed and surrounding yourself with the right people is a step in that direction, so thank you for surrounding me today. The shoutout probably should have been something like, “1, 2, 3, Success!” but I really do hope you all have a good weekend as akward as it may have sounded.

Great crowd this morning. The Point is probably the second most attended workout at this point just behind Bushwood. I’m really encouraged by the guys who show up and the number of guys doing it. It sure makes me want to do a good job when I Q. Good to see Haggis back out again (for those of us who saw him the other time he came out). We hope you’ll keep coming. Moe took it up a notch today, you’re getting faster dude. McRib was in McBeast Mode. Oz is a Gazelle. Unicorn always great effort, however I’m sure he took those guns of his and gave them a healthy dosage of 4 to 5 scrambled eggs at Pete and Nickie’s. I’m out of witty (debatable) comments for the Pax so BH, Cuddy, HT, Flanksteak, Ingrown, Acolyte, O-Face, Cochran, Bomble, Deuce – straight up strong work today. I felt really pumped up by the workout when I sat down at my desk to start work. It was good. Hope it was good for you.

Nothing explicitly annouced today, however it’s probably clear by now that we have our own New Bern specific website for Backblasts and Information. Please register in the bottom right corner so that you comment on posts and get Backblasts and updates directly via email. You’ll also need a login to write up Backblasts when you Q and it’s where we’ll be entering FNG information as well, so you may as well do it now. I’ll work on getting a newsletter together with more specific announcement about it as well as some other stuff. So if you’d like anything in a newsletter, just let me know or send something to me.

420 on Q tomorrow at The Bear, 0700. Extra credit pre-Ruck starting at 0600 with Deuce and YHC.

–  Roboto out.
(yeah, it’s a book, i know…)


* Wheelbarrow clean up for next time shall consist of the following:


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