Donkey Kong and Frogger at the Point

7  PAX took early shelter under the Gazebo as the wind swirled, rain fell and lightning threatened in the distance.  Thanks goodness weather man Skid Loader showed up, gave us his take of the radar and said we were good until 6:15 or so.  Turns out he was right!

So we go started

Under the Gazebo we did:

  • Imperial Walker x15 IC 4 count (to give respect to yesterday’s Star Wars Day)
  • Plank Jack x15 IC 4 count

The rain subsiding and lightning moved out we took a short mosey behind the convention center for:

  • Mexican Bean Squats X15 IC 4 count – it is Cinco de Mayo!
  • SSH x15 IC 4 count
  • Downward Dog Stretching
  • 5 Burpees OYO

We then moved on to the field on corner of S. Front and Craven Streets for some Donkey Kong.  4 cones were laid out in a diagonal fashion such that running from cone to cone made a zig zag across the field.  YHC thought it was somewhat similar to the layout in Donkey Kong.  Maybe the electricity in the air had something to do with it but Unicorn would not stop talking about how it was nothing like Donkey Kong.   Anyway, we did 5 reps of an exercise at each cone, running between cones and then run back to starting point.  The exercises performed were:

  • Catalina Wine Mixer
  • Mexican Bean Squat
  • WWI
  • Body Builder Burpee
  • LBC
  • Skid Loader Burpee

We then moseyed over to the light at S. Front and E. Front for some Frogger.  From there we sprinted to the Branches parking lot and performed 10 Merkins IC 4 count.  Sprint to corner of E. Front and Pollock and performed Low Country Crab x20.  Mexican Bean long jump across street.  Sprint to Branches parking lot and performed 20 “Mexican” Hammers.  Mexican Bean long jump across street and then mosey to home for


  • LSF x10 up and down, x10 side to side
  • LBC x 40
  • Box Cutter x 15

No announcements and YHC took us out in prayer.  Glad the storms held off until we finished.  As always, it was a pleasure!


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