These go to eleven

A crisp and clear morning brought 15 PAX to the Bear. After showing off my *Hoff-like shorts, YHC attempted to take things one louder by having the PAX perform all sets with 11 reps (or multiples thereof) where appropriate.


So here’s how it went.

We started with a quick mosey to the grass in order to protect the valuable hands of one of our local hand models, or dentist (I’m not too sure anymore).



  • Shoulder Rolls – standing, then on knees, OYO
  • Scapular Shrugs, OYO
  • Plank – BG dropped a funny line right in middle of our plank and the PAX lost it, we had to quickly move on to:
  • Good Mornings 11x IC
  • Imperial Walkers 11x IC


Mosey to the football field parking lot for

The Thang

Four corners escalator, OYO. PAX pushed through this like champs, with minimal complaints.

  • Run to Corner 1 for 11 Jump Squats
  • Run to Corner 2 for 11 Squat Jumps / 22 Squats
  • Run to Corner 3 for 11 Squat Jumps / 22 Squats / 33 Sumo Squats
  • Run to Corner 4 for 11 Squat Jumps / 22 Squats / 33 Sumo Squats / 44 Side Skaters – Plank for six.
  • And then because we could, we went one louder to corner 5 for Bulgarian Ball Busters, 11x per leg

Quick mosey to the building steps for

  • 3 sets of 11 Calf Raises, with a backwards mosey to the grass and back between sets.

Mosey around the back of the school to meet up at the benches by the gymnasium for Elevens.

  • Dips on the benches
  • Captain Thors (big boy sit up to 4 American Hammers) on the grass island in the parking lot

YHC tried to make the PAX do 11 reps of the first excercise, but it was quickly pointed out that it should be 10 reps, since if we started with 11 reps, then we’d be doing twelves (bad counting by Q was not an isolated incident as we will see later on).


Transition to the practice field for a modifed (unintentionally) Charles Bronson. The intention was to perform sets of merkins at the beginning of each set, but I neglected to actually tell anyone. So each set was started with a sprint of 49 yards out to the first cone, followed by an 11 yard bear crawl on the first set, an 11 yard crawl bear on the second set, an 11 yard Dragon Walk for the third set, and an 11 yard army crawl on the final set, and then mosey back to the start between each set. Turns out it was difficult enough without the merkins, so maybe we’ll get them in there next time. Glute bridges for the six and then a 10 count glute bridge hold down the line per man. I think Bubble Guts thought he was the only one doing the 10 count for the group, even after a bit of hollering from the PAX, he was still slow, so Unicorn took some initiative to get the count moving a little quicker.


To the Wall:

  • BTTW with shoulder taps, 5x IC. Right hand to right shoulder, left hand to left shoulder, right hand to left shoulder, left hand to right shoulder. That’s 1.
  • Peoples chair / Derkin combo. Partner up, 1 man in peoples chair with the other man putting his feet on the others knees and doing 5 derkins. Flap Jack.
  • Peoples chair / Derkin combo. Partner up, This time 10 derkins. Flap Jack.
  • 10 count BTTW down the line per man.

Back to practice field for some more partner exercises, this time across it’s width rather than down it’s length.

  • A – SSH, B – Bear Crawl across field then 11 Diamond Merkins and back to start. Flap Jack.
  • A – Mountain Climbers, B – Bear Crawl across field then 11 Merkins and back to start, Flap Jack.
  • A – Hollow Hold – B – Crab walk across field then 11 Ranger Merkins and back to start, Flap Jack.


Mosey back to Shovel Flag for Mary.

  • Heel Touches 11x IC
  • Gas Pumps 11x IC – YHC forgot to count a few reps so we were all out of sync for these, but they still did the job. My bad PAX.
  • Bay City Scissors – this 8 count excercise was just too much for YHC to count accurately and still perform the exercise. I think we finally maybe got into sync, but everyone was done at this point so there was nothing left to do but call it.

Good showing by the PAX today. Shout out to Sweep the Leg who couldn’t make it this morning because he now has a little Sweep at home to care for. There was some discussion on what we could do in the community for Christmas time. RCS was mentioned, a local family in need was mentioned as well. Let’s get it rolling.

420 on Q for Bushwood and Acolyte on Q for Bear next week.

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