Bushwood BB

Strong showing of 17 in misty rain.  Here’s what we did:


  • SSH IC X 10
  • Cotton pickers IC X 10
  • LBLC (little baby leg circles) IC X 10
  • Merkins 10 each – WMDMW (wide, merkin, diamond, merkin, wide) – a new crowd favorite
  • Downward dog, various leg stretches
  • Inch worm from one side of parking lot to the other, lunge walk back, mosey to Garber for:


  • 20 squats at each corner,  alternating between backwards run and mosey between.
  • Repeat with 15 squat jumps at each corner
  • repeat with 10 flying monkey humpers at each corner
  • WMDMW (see above)
  • Mosey back to club
  • 20 dips OMD, followed by 20 calf raises OYO, repeat until 100 dips and 150 calf raises (last set was 70) – back to parking lot for


  • American Hammer IC X 20
  • Crunchy frog IC X 10
  • 100’s

Counted, named, prayed.  Great work by all.

As always, enjoyed it – even when it sucked.


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