The Point – Birthday Q

17 men gathered on this beautiful late August morning. After stating the mission and disclaimer, we got right to work.

Good Mornings x 5 IC 4CT
Abe Vigodas x 10 IC 4CT
Sun Gods (Sobriety Style) x 10 IC 4CT (Forward and Back)
SSH x 10 IC 4CT
Downward/Upward Dog

Moseyed by way of flag pole to stoplight on E. Front 20 Merkins SC, Moseyed to stoplight on Craven 20 Merkins SC, Moseyed to stoplight on Middle St. 14 Merkins SC. We then made our way to the parking lot across S. Front where we found partners for a Dora 1-2-3 with 100 LSF (4CT), 200 Squats, and 300 Air Presses. We then made our way to the rear steps of the history center for 54 Calf Raises. We then did an Indian Lunge Walk to the entrance with the person in the rear running to the front. We then made our way back to the area in front of the Gazebo the way we came (i.e. 54 Merkins spread across the 3 stoplights.) At the steps in front of the Gazebo we did 54 more Calf Raises and then headed for the socially distanced benches in the grassy area. The benches being wobbly we stabilized the situation by having two pax per bench on opposite sides for 20 Dips, 20 Irkins, and 10 Derkins. We then made our way back to the Gazebo for….

Box Cutters x 20 IC 4CT
Oblique Crunches x 20 IC 4CT (Each side)
Various Stretches

We closed with announcement name-o-rama and a brief prayer. We miss Pyro’s spirit and wish him a speedy recovery. Goose announced it was also his M’s birthday and expressed his gratitude for her presence in his life.

As always I appreciated the opportunity to lead!

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