Dirty Bird BB – Can Cindy Come Out To Play?

A 7-Pax posted for Dirty Bird this morning.  Admittedly, YHC was pleasantly surprised at the turnout considering McRib was holding court at Bushwood this morning.  The Pax loves it when McRib is back on the menu.  In any event, once gathered, Pax grabbed a man-sized cinder block and circled up.  Cindy was excited to be involved today, and she definitely brought her A-Game to the festivities.


With Cindy standing by, Pax started with:

  • SSH, IC, 10x
  • Cotton Pickers, IC, 10x
  • Sungods, IC, 10x, Reverso, IC, 10x
  • Downward Dog Stretch
  • Pick up Cindy and get started in earnest


Station 1 (Front Entrance Grassy Area)

  • 11’s with Curls for the Girls and Tricep Extension – Murder Bunnies as transition movement between cones placed 11 long paces apart
  • Cindy Plank for the 6
  • Mosey with Cindy to side of school for:

Station 2 (Parking Lot edge to edge)

  • 11’s with Alternating Leg Bulgarian Split Squats – Alternating Farmer Carry as transition movement
  • Cindy Goblet Squats for the 6
  • Mosey with Cindy to back side of school for:

Station 3 (Parking Lot edge to rope in front of tennis courts)

  • 11’s with Overhead Press and Upright Cindy Rows – Standard Carry as transition (Cindy not to touch ground during this set)
  • Static Overhead Press for the 6
  • Mosey with Cindy all the way back to front of school

Finish Strong with:

  • Blockees, OYO, 5x
  • Cindy Derkins, OMD, 15x
  • Cindy Irkins, OMD, 15x
  • Cindy Plank, 1 minute


  • Counted, Named & Prayed.  Remember the good folks in Haywood County (Canton, NC).  Massive flooding damage and loss.  YHC’s parents could use some uplifting as well, due primarily to health problems currently being experienced by my father.
  • Cindy definitely made her presence known.  Forearms, upper arms & shoulders are all spent.  Ottoman said he thought his Cindy enjoyed the morning with him as she was “all wet” when he was done with her.  Other Cindy’s were not as kind, however.  Black Dog’s Cindy led him through some fire ants.   YHC’s bit him on the arms and then lashed out during Blockees, beating him on the head at one point.  (It’s called “spatial awareness.”)  There may have been other issues, but the Pax had very little in the way of Mumble Chatter this morning.
  • As always, it was great to be a part of, and to lead this fine group of HIMs.

Bitcoin, out.

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