Old Guys Rule

15 men gathered on another muggy morning for a workout led by the oldest members of the Pax. Here’s how it went:

Warmup: 22 SSH IC, 23  Windmills IC, 22 Plankjacks; Bolt 45’s, 22 Grady Corns.

Thang 1:  The Old Guys

4 ‘games’ across the parking lot of 134 points each. 1. Mosey across, 30 lbc’s IC,  mosey back, 30 squats, repeat, then overtime 14 lbc’s. 2. 30 low slow flutters IC, 30 lunges (15 each leg), OT 14 lsf’s.  3. 30 merkins, 30 Freddy Mercury’s, repeat, 14 merkins OT.  4. 30 American hammers IC, 30 air presses in squat position, repeat, OT 14 AH’s.

Thang 2:  You thought that was hard?

We ran a loop from #1 to road to 17, 18 and parking lot, stopping to do 11’s of burpees/merkins.


Mary:  100’s.

Counted, named, and professionally prayed!  A pleasure to lead, and congratulations to Father Mulcahy on his 1st Q.

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