Dirty Bird BackBlast – Block Party

A beautiful morning greeted a Pax of 7 at The Dirty Bird.  Kotters to Skid Loader!  Mission Statement (no Disclaimer … my bad) given as  we gathered near Gander’s truck.


  • SSH, IC, 10x
  • Cotton/Carrot Pickers, IC, 10x
  • Baseball Stretch, OYO


Each Pax grabbed a full-sized cinder block from Gander’s truck and transitioned to the Epiphany traffic circle.  YHC explained the need to treat the block gently and respectfully.  The Pax went so far as to name their blocks “Cindy.”  Pax stationed themselves more or less equidistantly around the cirlce and we began:

  • CPR, IC, 10x – 4ct exercise, 1=Curl; 2=Overhead Press; 3=Tricep Raise; 4=Return to starting position.  This was done simply to get comfortable with Cindy and to have Cindy understand her role for the morning.
  • Swinging Cindys, OMU, 15x – Like a Kettle Ball Swing, but with Cindy
  • Colt 45s – 15x Cindy curls each movement – Down to 1/2 Up; 1/2 Up to Full Up; Full Down to Full Up
  • Spoke Drill – YHC had placed a 60lb Sandbag in the middle of the circle.  Each Pax would, in turn, bring Cindy to the middle of the circle and gently lay her down and would then perform 10 Sandbag Cleans.  Upon completion, Pax would pick up Cindy and return to his starting point.  Remaining Pax performed Bent Over Cindy Rows.  Rotate around entire circle.
  • Short transition to grassy area
  • Blockees, OYO, 10x – Burpee with Overhead Cindy Press
  • Murder Bunnies of approximately 25 yards
  • Transition with Cindy to parking lot on side of school
  • 11s – Irkins/Derkins with Alternating Cindy carry as transition movement
  • Cindy Plank Jacks, IC, 10x with hands on Cindy; 10x with hands on ground and feet alternatively jumping on top of Cindy and then straddling Cindy.
  • Goblet Squats, OMD, 10x with Cindy in low position; 10x with Cindy in mid-range position
  • Transition back to grassy area
  • Murder Bunnies of approximately 25 yards
  • Back around traffic circle
  • Roundabout – Each Pax would, in turn, take the 60lb Sandbag and go completely around the circle and to the next Pax.  While this was going on, all other Pax would perform a Static Overhead Cindy Press


  • Dying Cindy, IC, 15x – Like Dying Cockroach, but performed with Cindy

Hard Stop @ 0615

Circled up for Counting, Naming, Announcing & Praying.  Sasquatch July 31 in Greenville.  You need to do this.

Outstanding effort by the Pax this morning.  Good to see everyone getting work done.  All Cindys were returned to Ganders truck none the worse for wear.


Bitcoin, out!

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